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Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag maat Regular (Groen/groen)


Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Regular ((Groen/groen))

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Deze Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Regular is een van de uit de Mountain Hardwear collectie en wordt geleverd binnen 2 – 4 werkdagen. Voor de levering rekent de webwinkel Bergfreunde geen verzendkosten.


Levertijd : 2 - 4 werkdagen

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The perfect companion in cold temperatures: the comfort zone is around the freezing point and, thus, the Lamina Z Flame sleeping bag by Mountain Hardwear keeps you warm in cool nights. At the same time, it stands out due to its low weight, excellent compressibility and good comfort. Classy!
The Ripstop upper material is woven with a specific technique and is remarkable for its outstanding tear-resistance. The “heat generator” of this sleeping bag is the Themal.Q insulation made of synthetic fibers. It keeps you pleasantly warm even at freezing cold temperatures, it’s lightweight, provides very good compressibility and always keeps its loft. The insulation is kept in horizontal, welded Lamina chambers that were developed by Mountain Hardwear. They keep the Thermal.Q fibers in place and prevent cold gaps. Due to the mummy shape the sleeping bag provides an efficient use of space. That means: full thermal output and a minimum of weight. It’s even more comfortable since the Lamina Flame fits perfectly. Talking about comfort! The comfort foot box keeps your feet extra warm and keeps them in a natural position. The ergonomic draft collar, the lined hood and the face opening literally seal the sleeping bag tightly. So, the warm air is kept where it’s needed which is inside and cold air is kept out. The side zip has two zips – one on the top and one on the bottom. This makes for a practical ventilation on the bottom if needed. The Lamina Z Flame sleeping bag is a reliable high-performance sleeping bag for cold nights.

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