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Bataleon Feelbetter 2024 Snowboard patroon


Bataleon Feelbetter 2024 Snowboard patroon


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De Bataleon Feelbetter 2024 Snowboard patroon is één van de Snowboards van het merk Bataleon. Het artikel is uitgevoerd in de kleur Overige kleuren. Voor meer informatie over de Bataleon Feelbetter 2024 Snowboard patroon of andere Snowboards, welke verkrijgbaar zijn op Blue-Tomato, klik op bestel. Je wordt dan doorgestuurd naar deze webshop.

Bataleon Feelbetter 2024 Snowboard patroon informatie
Why feel good if you can feel better?. Bataleon knows what makes girls tick and they absolutely deliver with the Feelbetter. A snowboard for beginners and girls who want to improve in the park and in powder. This board comes with a completely redesigned shape to make it even easier to learn new tricks and have even more fun.On rails and kickers and even in powder, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable with this board with soft flex and Freestyle 3BT™.Riding styleThe Feelbetter is just as at home on the rails and boxes of this world as it is in powder, and is the perfect choice for beginners and advanced riders.ShapeThe mid-wide Directional 3BT™ tread combined with the Directional Twin Outline creates an exceptional all-round board that will help you score in the park and pow. SideKick™ tips increase edge uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail for even easier turn initiation and less tangling and snagging.ProfileDirectional Twin 3BT™ have a balanced centrebase for plenty of stability in the park and perfect turns in powder. The Medium Camber is perfectly proportioned for flexibility on rails and enough pop for kicker lines.FlexThe soft flex (4/10) is perfect for both jibbing and powder. It is ultra-flexible and very agile.ConstructionThe core is made of solid poplar woodcore interspersed with beech wood strands and lies between 2 layers of biaxial fibreglass. This allows for great press and pop characteristics and fast manoeuvrability. The sintered Hyper Glide S base is fast and lasts a long time if you take good care of it. Shock Walls™ absorb shock and provide a vibration-free ride.

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