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Jones Snowboards Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 Splitboard wit


Jones Snowboards Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 Splitboard wit


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De Jones Snowboards Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 Splitboard wit is één van de Splitboards van het merk Jones Snowboards. Het artikel is uitgevoerd in de kleur Wit. Voor meer informatie over de Jones Snowboards Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 Splitboard wit of andere Splitboards, welke verkrijgbaar zijn op Blue-Tomato, klik op bestel. Je wordt dan doorgestuurd naar deze webshop.

Jones Snowboards Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 Splitboard wit informatie
Even lighter and an optimised shape: Ultralight Hovercraft. Ultralight Hovercraft Split 2.0 152, 156 compatible with Jones Pre-cut Nomad Group C Splitboard SkinsUltralight Hovercraft Split 2.0 160 compatible with Jones Pre-cut Nomad Group E Splitboard SkinsThe Jones Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0 splitboard is one of the lightest splitboards on the market and is designed to let you experience the backcountry in its purest form. It has been completely redesigned this season. A modern 3D shape made from new materials, a wide and floaty nose with a compact tail and the 12 mm spoon bevel in the nose provides a completely new riding experience.The Ultracraft comes with Karakoram 3C Clips – an exclusive Jones Clip with an ultra-light three-point tensioning system.Riding StyleExperience the backcountry in its purest form with the Ultralight Hovercraft 2.0. With this expert-level splitboard, the sky’s the limit.Shape It has a directional shape that makes high speeds super easy and gives you good floatation. The blunt nose ensures that less snow is carried backwards over the sides of the nose. This means you can enjoy all the advantages of a traditional nose and also save weight.ProfileThe Directional Rocker consists of a camber between the legs and a larger rocker at the nose than at the tail. This keeps the board extremely manoeuvrable in pow and gives it extra float. The camber offers you good edge hold and fast power transmission. The slightly rockered tail increases power transmission and stability. The freeride-focused 3D Base Contour 3.0 comes with a balanced upturn of 12 mm in the nose and tail. The bending up of the base starts at the rocker.FlexThe stiff flex (8/10) guarantees a precise feel and control.ConstructionThe Jones Ultra construction eliminates all unnecessary materials. Combined with the super light wood core, you get one of the strongest and lightest boards on the market. The new FSC™ Fusion Core is the lightest yet. The core is made of Paulownia with poplar wood in selected areas for longer durability and more response. In addition, a Koroyd® core ensures less vibration at a very low weight. Bio Resin is plant-based and is used instead of petroleum-based epoxy. Jones-proven recycled and extremely durable steel edges are used for the outer edges, and thin recycled edges for the inner edges for weight savings. The Ultralight ECO topsheet provides additional cushioning and is made from organic materials. The construction is rounded off by the Ultra Base, Jones’ high-end base, which is only used on selected boards.The Ultracraft comes with exclusive Karakoram 3C UltraClips with low weight and a 3-point tensioning system and tip locks.

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