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Lib Tech Whirlpool 5’6 Surfboard patroon


Lib Tech Whirlpool 5’6 Surfboard patroon


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De Lib Tech Whirlpool 5’6 Surfboard patroon is één van de Riversurf & Wavepools van het merk Lib Tech. Het artikel is uitgevoerd in de kleur Overige kleuren. Voor meer informatie over de Lib Tech Whirlpool 5’6 Surfboard patroon of andere Riversurf & Wavepools, welke verkrijgbaar zijn op Blue-Tomato, klik op bestel. Je wordt dan doorgestuurd naar deze webshop.

Lib Tech Whirlpool 5’6 Surfboard patroon informatie
High-performance shortboard for river waves . This board is inspired by Munich’s river wave and city wave surf culture, which has now spread worldwide.The Whirlpool is a high-performance shortboard for river waves. It features a low volume and a few ingenious elements perfectly tuned for river wave surfing. A classic squash tail with a gently curved rail line, fitting rocker, single concave and a tri-fin setup ensures high performance. The PAD (Particle Acceleration Dish) concave, directly in front of the fins, increases water flow where you need it most. This provides magical speed and a loose feeling. The volume allows for aggressive and precise high-performance surfing. To further enhance performance, you’ll find a top deck concave under your front foot for precise control, like skating in and over the water.Endless waves, radical surfing – your all-access pass to surf progression – the Whirlpool!In addition to the unique “Dang Difficult To Ding” construction, reinforced fin boxes and rails provide even greater durability.ECO IMPACTO – Thermo Pressure Fusion ProcessMore technologically advanced – better for the environment: Lib Tech has changed everything you’ve ever known about surfboards. Every building block used in the construction of this surfboard is new to the surf industry. Lib Tech’s construction combines the best features of epoxy and polyester: durability, liveliness, flexibility and dampening. Using magnesium fibre improves overall impact resistance, and the carbon power spine stringer matches the flex of a new high-performance polyester board precisely and holds it for the life of the board. In addition, the incorporated G-Glass fibre provides lightweight reinforcement.With the bio-resin used, this board has a longer life than epoxy and is much more environmentally friendly.The Eco Nitrogen foam core built into elliptical-shaped cells acts like a pillar, providing top-to-bottom hardness and side impact resilience. It contains 25-40 % recycled content, with 100 % of the remainder recycled. The Hexzylon Thermo-Fusion Honey Comb Power Panel is impact and ding resistant and absorbs vibration for smooth riding.FOC II “Freedom of Choice” Adjustable Slot Fin System With the Foc II Adjustable Slot Fin System, you can position Lib RRIPs, FCS II fins, or FCS fins optimally adapted to your needs. Last but not least, the leash plug with an aircraft aluminium pin and a cup made of light fibres keeps your leash firmly on the board.

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